Poultry Farming

Introduction to Animal Husbandry

If we talk about agriculture, animal husbandry has its own importance for raising livestock in a scientific way i.e by giving a proper environment to the cattle. In such an environment, cattle remain disease-free and healthy from both inside and out. Animal husbandry is considered important as this process allows us to increase livestock production to cover up the demands of human beings tremendously increasing in population. As due to the increase in population demands of egg, meat, milk is also increasing day by day, so to manage this demand it is a must to adopt the animal husbandry process. 

In this process, we select suitable breeds of animals and raise them to get the desired amount of livestock. We here study the genetic qualities and behavior of animals and from these qualities, we select the best, from where we can get the maximum amount of profit. Nowadays most of the farm people are dependent on the animal husbandry process for their earning. 

Importance of Animal Husbandry

As animals are a major source of various nutritional values, it becomes necessary for us to get all the nutrition for better growth. And this can only be fulfilled by the animal husbandry process only. By this process, animals are ready to meet the high demand for milk, meat, and eggs. 

  1. Dairy Products:

From the milk of cows, goats, buffaloes we get high amounts of protein and these animals are also called milch animals as they provide milk to us. 

  1. Meat and Egg:

Animals like chicken, duck, ox, goat are used for their meat. As all of these animals are used for food purposes, they need proper care and attention during their breeding process. Along with that eggs of hen, ducks, goose, etc are also rich in protein source along with other nutrients. 

  1. Seafood:

Apart from these food sources, seed food is also in high demand due to its nutritional quality. As they are rich in fat, proteins, vitamins and various minerals. 

  1. Land Management:

As dry herbs are at high risk of catching fire, so these shrubs are grazed by cattle which reduces the chance of catching fire. 

  1. Fiber:

Some of the animals like sheep and camels are used for fibers or textiles. These fibers are used for wool and leather preparation. 

  1. Manure: 

The excreta, dead and decaying parts of animals are used as manure and used to enhance the fertility of the soil. This will increase the fertility of the soil. 

Due to such huge demand, the animal husbandry business is popular as it’s one of the growing businesses of today’s world. For running this business it needs a large amount of investment along with proper care and management skills. 

Impact of Animal Husbandry On Environment

With an increasing population, the demand for meat, milk and eggs is also increasing on a remarkable note. It is estimated that by the end of year 2050 the overall population of the world will reach at around 9.6 billion. Such an estimation of figure marks as a matter of concern to feed Mankind with the bare minimum resources. At present, there is a drastic impact of Animal Husbandry on our environment and its climate. As human residents are rising, more forests are lashed out and houses are constructed leaving animals with no land to live on. As a result of the increasing agriculture of animals, innumerable species are facing severe extinction. Destruction of various habitats are carried out to grow crops by evacuating forest land in order to feed animals so they produce more milk and eggs and to  feed the human beings also. This leads to Deforestation and because of it the land of rainforests are decreasing every second for agriculture of animals. Not only forests, Animal Husbandry is responsible for declination of freshwater also. Almost 92% of freshwater is consumed during the farming process by the farmers. 

In order to repair the consequences, people should try and cut down their consumption of meat and go vegan for a period of time. A movement for Afforestation should be carried out and some rules and regulations should be implied for erosion control. Such measures will help to maintain a proper balance of the Ecosystem. 

Poultry Farming

This is also a kind of animal husbandry in which birds are used. Some of the examples of birds which are involved in Poultry Farming are ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, turkeys, etc. These birds are farmed under proper care for using their eggs and meat as a source of food. Their eggs and meat are a rich source of protein and other kinds of vitamins and minerals. Their waste material i.e. feces are used as a good source of manure which enhances the fertility of the soil. Along with that they also provide employment to many daily wage workers, so it also gives employment to people.

To prevent them from any kind of disease they need to be kept in a proper atmospheric environment. 

While studying the concept of Animal Husbandry which covers Poultry Farming as one of its types, it is also important to understand the types of Poultry birds and its farming methods. Poultry birds mainly comprise 6 different types which includes Chicken (highest demanded poultry bird and accounts around 93% of total poultry  population of the world which is followed by Ducks and Turkeys), Ducks, Geese, Turkey, Quail and Guinea Fowl. There are various methods to carry it out such as (a) Layer Poultry Farming that includes various techniques such as Free Range Roaming, Battery Cage Method, Yarding Method, Organic Method and Furnished Cage Method, (b) Intensive Poultry Farming, (c) Broiler Poultry Farming Methods that includes various ways such as Free Range Methods, Organic Farming Methods and Indoor Raising Methods and (d) Free Range Farming Method. 

As compared to all the methods, Intensive Poultry Farming Method and Free Range Farming Method are used significantly all over the world and it is beneficial to farmers also.

Benefits of Poultry Farming Business

Poultry Farming has so many benefits along with businesses. Due to these benefits, farmers prefer to do Poultry Farming business. The main purpose of Poultry Farming is the production of eggs, meat, etc. Numerous chickens were grown in poultry farms for the production of eggs and meat. 

Some of the Importance of the Poultry Farming Business are Listed Below

  1. Big Space is Not Required:

Poultry Farming does not require a large space for practicing this technique. As these birds do not require any kind of special space for their growth. The main thing which they need is just a cage for their safety. 

  1. Require Less Capital: 

Poultry Farming practices do not require more capital. As it only needs less investment just to buy birds and for food to feed them. So anyone can start a Poultry Farming business to earn a profit on a large scale as this business is in demand. 

  1. High-Profit Rate:

Poultry Farming is among one of those businesses which give you a high-profit rate to a large extent. As it is cost-efficient, animal husbandry practice gives you more profit than expected. You can start this business from a few birds also and extend your poultry from them only. 

  1. Require Low Maintenance:

In this practice, high maintenance is also required on birds. By taking care of a few things you can prevent these birds from various harmful diseases, just by investing a very small amount of money. The only thing which is needed is cleanliness and hygiene. 

  1. License is Not Mandatory:

In poultry farm practice having an authorized government license is not mandatory. If you are practicing it on a small scale then you do not have any license but doing it on a large scale needs government authorisation, and you can get it very easily. 

  1. Easy Marketing:

Selling Poultry Farming products is very easy as they are in high demand. So, they do not need too much cost and effort to sell them. 

  1. Income & Employment Opportunities:

Poultry Farming practice creates income and employment opportunities for many people. Unemployed educated youth can easily opt for this to raise their source of income.  

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