List of dairy cattle breeds (new) I Mshindo media

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.Dairy cattle are those primarily raised for their milk as part of dairy farming.

BreedCountry of OriginOutput per DayOther
Ayrshire cattleScotland519Can be used for foraging
Brown SwissSwitzerland830Second largest amount of milk produced of any dairy cattle breed.
Buša cattleCroatia13.8
Canadienne cattleCanada2.710.4Very rare breed.
Dairy ShorthornEngland7.629Also called the milking shorthorn.
Dexter cattleIreland27.5Very small in size. Used in domestic farms.
Guernsey cattleGuernsey519One of the channel islands cattle.
Holstein-Friesian cattleNetherlandsUp to 14Up to 53Known for producing the most amount of milk of any cattle.
Illawarra cattleAustralia27.5
Irish MoiledIreland27.5Rare breed and can be dual purpose, meat and milk.
Jersey CattleJersey519Has a very high content of butterfat in the milk.
Lakenvelder cattleNetherlandsUp to 59000
American Milking DevonAmerica523Originally bred from the North Devon cattle
Milking ShorthornBritain622
Norwegian RedNorway518
Red PollEngland           415

A cross of Norfolk Red and Suffolk Dun
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