Animal disease | Definition, Types, Diagnosis, & Facts (new)

Animal disease, an impairment of the normal state of an animal that interrupts or modifies its vital functions.

The breeder must pay attention to the health of the animal so that the output can be satisfactory. Here in Tanzania, there are not many diseases affecting pigs, but they occur regularly depending on the age, environment and health of the animal.Diseases bring losses to the breeder as they can cause death, weight loss, lack of blood especially in children and stunting of pigs. Therefore, it is good to prevent them and give information to a veterinary expert as soon as you see the animal’s health changing.The following are some of the diseases that attack pigs in this country.

IllnessCaused bySymptoms of DiseasePrevention and Treatment
African Swine FeverViruses
are spread by viruses· Sick pigs mixing with non-sick ones· Eating contaminated food· Soft ticks
· High fever (41°C)· Shortness of breath· Inability to eat and walk· Skin color turns blue or red· Death after 7 days.· Diarrhea· Spreads rapidly after emergence.· No treatment or vaccination· Buy pigs from farms with no history of disease· Cleanliness of equipment, barn and its environment· Buy certified foods· Do not use leftovers from diseased areas· Use tick killers.· Sick pigs should be slaughtered.
Skin Disease· Vitamin deficiency· Spread by Fleas, Lice, Flies and Mites· Frequent scratching.· Swelling on the skin.· Fails to eat properly· Loses weight· Bathe the pig well.· Use medicine to kill fleas, lice, flies and mites· Feed pigs food with enough vitamins and minerals.
Bacteria· Unhealthy· Breathing fast and hard· Dry cough· There is no cure· Bactericide is used to prevent animals from being attacked by other diseases.· Exclude animals.· The house should have enough air and heat.
Foot and Mouth DiseasesViruses· Spread by contact between a sick and healthy animal or by eating infected food· They have blisters on the legs, on the udder, on the lips and in the throat.· Unable to eat and walk.·There is no cure.​​​​
Bacteria· Swelling in the back· Shortness of breath.· Sudden death· Non-clotted blood comes from exposed areas such as the mouth, ears and nose.· He should be vaccinated· A sick pig should not be slaughtered and a dead one should not be dissected· The carcass should be buried at a depth of more than two meters or burned· Give information to a veterinary expert as soon as possible
Viruses· Spread rapidly due to climate change· Sneezing· Coughing· High fever· Appetite decreases.· Breathes with difficulty· Feathers stand up randomly.· There is no cure or vaccine· The shelter should be better to be able to cope with climate change· Observe the principles of good husbandry.
Diarrhea disease especially in young pigs
Bacteria· It is spread by an animal eating food containing these bacteria.· Dirty equipment and shelter· Diarrhea that is gray mixed with green· Loses weight and becomes weak· Cleanliness of containers and sheds· Give them Koksidiostant medicine
Protozoa· Spread by wind…………………· Loss of blood· Thinning· Feathers stand up· Can die suddenly without symptoms of the disease appearing…………………….· Use insecticides· Keep the environment clean at all times…………………..
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