Natural Mediacines for Chickens

 Alternative veterinary medicine include photon therapy (laser), acupuncture, homeopathy, veterinary manipulative therapy, phytotherapy, integrative nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage therapy, and nutraceuticals.
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Herbal Remedies and Supplements in the Treatment and Prevention of Various Diseases of Poultry. Parts of plants can be: Leaves, Barks, Seeds, Flowers or Fruits. 

Importance of using herbal remedies:

 • Easily accessible. 

• Easy to use. 

• Cheap

• They treat well if used properly

 • They are harmless.

 Some Herbicides: 

1. Neem (Leaves, Roots, Barks): 

It treats the following diseases:

 • Typhoid. 

• Prevention of Kideri. 

• Diarrhea.

 • Influenza.

 • Lesions. 

2. Wild Aloe vera: 

Take 3-5 large leaves, chop and soak in 10 liters of water for 12 to 16 hours. Give the chickens for 5 – 7 days. 

Unused and pour over and make another one after 12 hours.

 This mixture can treat:

 • Kideri / Mdondo (Mdonde / Chikwemba / Kitoga / Chinoya / Sotoka) – should be given beforehand.

 • Typhoid fever. 

• Influenza (Coryza). 

• Chickenpox (Fowl Cholera). 

3. Euphorbia: 

Take 3-5 large leaves, crush, put in 10 liters of water for 12-16 hours, strain and give the chicken. 

Unused pour and make another. The therapist treats:

 • Kideri / Mdondo (Mdonde / Chikwemba)

 • Smallpox.

 • Diarrhea (Coccidiosis). 


4. Blessings (Breasts): 

Treats Swelling. 

Put the blessed leaves in the banana leaves then put in the hot ashes, then wrap the swollen part using the blessed leaves. 

5. Mlonge (Mlonje): 

Contains vitamins A and C. Take two handfuls of leaves (two gao). 

Then strain it and put it in 10 liters of water and leave it for 12-16 hours, strain it and give it to the chickens. Unused pour and make another.

 Cannabis treats: 

• Flu. 

• Kidney – should be watered before vaccination

 • Chickenpox (Fowl Cholera). 

• Intestinal fever • Liver. 6. Conferences:

 • It contains many minerals and vitamins. 

• Treats ulcers and boils. 7. Ndulele (Dungurusi, Makonde, Tura / Ndula): 

• Leaves cure Worms.

 • Fruits cure ulcers. 

Boil two slices in 6 liters of water until 1 liter is left. Cool and strain. Treated: Worms Papaya Leaves are also a medicine to treat chicken diarrhea in any form Preparation Get one fresh papaya leaf and grind it into a soft paste. Then mix with two and a half liters of water. Use (for treatment)

 – Chickens should be given this water to drink, not given any other water for drinking for at least four days or more. – It is best every day to prepare a new medicine so that the medicine does not spoil. Use (as a precaution) 

– Even if the chickens do not get cold, if they are accustomed to drinking water with crushed papaya leaves at least three times a week they will be protected from many diseases. 

Another way to use Papaya: Preparing and Serving

 – Take papaya leaves and grind them to get 1 liter of sorghum –

 – Mix the sorghum with 2 liter sorghum. If the chickens are small, prepare a meal that they can finish in one day so that it does not remain spoiled before they are finished. 

9. Mango: 

Leaves cut into two leaves, crush and boil in 6 liters of water until 1 liter is left. Give them for one day. 

Mango cures: 

• Intestinal fever.

 • Influenza.

 • Kidney / Moth Prevention.

 10. Apple: 

Boil the leaves or roots. Rabbits treat: 

• Stomach 

• Ulcers and boils 


11. Cactus: 

This is a species with thick leaves – up to half the country and wide up to the width of two palms. 11.Worms cure: (See burns or stings).

 • Lesions. 

• Danger.

 • Parenting 

12. Crazy Pepper:

[a] Crush a little then mix with water and let the chickens drink for a while. It is said to help treat Mdonde (but sooner rather than later). 

[b] Take 5 crazy or long peppers or goats if you miss them all, grind them in 4 liters of water, give them after eating. Give them 5 days _Treat all kinds of flu 

13. Onion fasting:

Treats Influenza, Typhoid, White Diarrhea

  How to use You beat it then mix it in water filter with a filter to remove fibers and dirt. The amount given to them will depend on the number of chickens. This is the testimony of a breeder who used to use onion fasting for his chickens “[” I used four onions and chopped then mixed with water and one and a half glasses of plastic and then I filtered and gave them a spoon. only two you find cheap “] Take Natural Remedies Before the Illness Has Matured Remember vaccination for chickens is important

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