Feeding Guides for Broiler Chickens

How much water do your chicks need?

Make sure your chicken always have water. Without enough water they will not grow well. For each 1 g of feed, your chicks need 2 g of water. For the first 3-5 days, add to the water:     

  • liquid glucose for energy
  • 1 drop of liquid paraffin for digestion
  • Vitamins to help with stress.

Clean the drinkers every day. 

Feeding guide for your broilers

In order to have a healthy and strong flock of broilers, make sure you follow this feeding guide using Unga Farmcare EA feeds:

  • Day 1 – 21: Starter Mash. Each chick will eat 1 kg in 21 days.
  • Days 21 – 35: Finisher Mash. Each chicken will eat 2 kg in 14 days.
  • Days 35 – 42: Finisher Mash. Each chicken will eat an extra 1 kg in 7 days.                                Note                                                                                                                                                          Different poultry breeds have different nutritional requirements, and we will provide the corresponding premix formula according to the breed.

Change feed slowly:

  • Day 20: 75% Starter Mash and 25% Finisher Mash
  • Day 21: 50% Starter Mash and 50% Finisher Mash
  • Day 22: 25% Starter Mash and 75% Finisher Mash                                                                            Note                                                                                                                                                  -The number of nutrients required by poultry will vary at different stages of growth. We will consider this to improve the premix’s effectiveness and reduce unnecessary costs.              -Different weights of chickens have additional nutritional requirements, and we will recommend the most suitable formula based on the information provided by the customer.    -The environment strongly influences poultry growth, and if the temperature in the coop is low, our overall recipe will recommend some high-energy ingredients. If hygiene is inadequate, the feed should be supplemented with some intestinal health ingredients.

When chicks are out of the brooder, remove feeding trays. Hang the feeders from the roof at back level. This stops the chicken wasting food.

Your broilers should be ready to sell at 35-42 days at 1.5 kg. 

 Why we need multivitamin premix in Poultry?

Vitamins cannot be synthesized in animals, and normal diets are unable to meet the requirements, so they must be obtained through the use of premixed single vitamins. A lack of vitamins in broilers can cause a variety of diseases.

In poultry, for example, a lack of vitamin E results in encephalomalacia and exudative diathesis, whereas a lack of vitamin B1 results in polyneuritis and opisthotonos.

All these A multivitamin taken as directed will not result in the same deficiencies.

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