Dairy Cow Farming -About dairy cows Housing and Characteristics

Cows are livestock that are highly trusted by the majority of citizens in this country. Dairy cattle (also called dairy cows) are cattle bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk, from which dairy products are made.

There are three types of cattle raised in this country which are

modern cattle,

local cattle,

and wild cattle.

The following are the benefits of cattle breeding

Food such as milk and meat


Leather that is used as raw material to make shoes, belts, bags, clothes and beds Earning money is also savings Prestige and increases respect for some tribes.

Get decorations like horns Effective proof of various diseases

In order for the cow to grow well, give you a lot of milk and be healthy, consider the following;

Selection of good cows for breeding

Good pasture comes as a calf A beautiful pavilion Cow food Food is an important thing for all animals.

The feeding of dairy cows and others starts from the moment is born (calf) and then will have good success in production.

When a calf is born, it needs to get the first milk (colostrum) for at least three days in a row. This milk helps to protect from diseases and also provides the calf with enough nutrients.

After that the calf should continue to drink mother’s milk until it reaches one month, it should start being given additional food (corn bran mixed with sunflower cakes and green leaves cut into small pieces).

When the calf reaches the age between two and six months, you can wean it, and it should be given food with the same nutrients as mother’s milk. For example, should be given corn bran mixed with seeds and green leaves (to be given all the time). A modern female cow reaches breeding age at one and a half years old.

When the cow will be 7 months pregnant if was being milked, should be dried and given food with more nutrients.

Cow house

Houses are important in cattle breeding. We are advised to keep the cows in a shed with enough air, without extreme heat, which does not pass rain water and has enough space.

Also, the cow shed should have a slightly sloping floor to facilitate the cleanliness of the shed and prevent stagnation of water and urine. The cow house should be clean at all times to prevent various diseases.

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