The following are the basic factors to consider in goat breeding.

The best breeding method.

1. Raise them in the best shed.

2. Choose goats according to their characteristics and the goal of breeding (production) meat or milk.

3. They should be fed the right food according to the goat’s age.

4. Taking into account the advice of a veterinary specialist, especially the way to control these diseases is very important.

5. Keeping records of production.

6. To produce quality meat or milk that meets the needs of the market.

Characteristics of the best shed for raising goats.

1. The best shed should be able to protect goats or sheep from attacks by wild (dangerous) animals and thieves.

2. There should be a place where water cannot stagnate.

3. The stalls should be separated according to age.

4. It should be of a size that can be cleaned.

If you are going to raise goats by locking them up all the time, consider the following:-

1. A stable shed capable of keeping them healthy, wind/rain.

2. Well ventilated.

3. It should have a vaccine floor and a place to put food and water.

4. It should have separate rooms for keeping children/who are sick/who are sick.

Construction of a goat shed.

1. The shed should be built using the equipment available in the relevant area and considering the capacity of the breeder.

2. The walls should be strong and allow enough light and air.

3. The door should be 60X150 centimeters in size.

4. If the floor is made of clay/reinforced concrete, you can use strips/bamboo and allow the feces and urine to fall down.

5. The room for females and children should have 1.25 centimeters between poles and poles or papi and papi, the room for older goats should have 1.9 centimeters between wood and wood.

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