The best dairy cow stall/Housing

Cow Shed This is a place for cows to rest and sleep at night.

Each cow has its place in the resting area, it is called . Metals must be covered and the roof is made of corrugated iron, grass or thatch.

The roof must be high enough so that it cannot be eaten by cows if it is made of grass or hay is stored under it.

The rooms must be built in such a way that the cow remains clean all the time. Cow shed interior Clean the cowshed every day.


The concrete floor will prevent the cow from slipping.

A raised floor will help dirt to get out and collect outside the shed.

Clean and disinfect the floor daily. This prevents rotting of your feet and soles. A cow needs a place to sleep. One should build enough number of rooms to accommodate cows all the time. Unused rooms are a waste of space and money. For the number of cows per room, additional rooms are needed to keep small calves (calves) and so on.

1 cow 2 rooms

2 cows 3 rooms

3 cows 5 rooms

4Cow 6 rooms

5 cows 7 rooms

6 cows 9 rooms

The room is 210 cm (7 feet) long and 120 cm (4 feet) wide. The rooms are separated by 2 boards. Cows are not supposed to move around in the room. Food inside the dining area at least 3 feet above the ground. Place a mineral stone in each room to prevent fighting between animals .

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