This is one of the viral diseases that have been attacking chickens to a large extent. Source

👉This disease is caused by a virus, Fowl Pox Virus This virus affects chickens of all ages, large and small


👉This disease spreads very quickly in the environment or shed immediately after entering

👉For other areas, with many mosquitoes, it is said that piaa is spread by mosquitoes.

👆 This disease is also hidden or carried by other birds, especially ducks and sent to chickens.


👉 There is no cure for chicken pox. Instead, it is important to vaccinate chickens at the age of 30 days or weeks (4-5).

👆What to do if your chickens already have smallpox.

👉A chicken with smallpox shows nodules/scabs in open areas, especially in the mouth, eyes and body.

👉Some of them swell their eyes and sometimes get sores

👇When the chicken reaches that level, do this

👉Separate him in a group

👉 Clean the wounds with salt water

👉 If he gives blood, apply iodine

👉Give him ant biotic OTC 20% or 50% (both inside)

👉Make sure he is fully recovered

👉 After at least 1-2 weeks since being given the medicine, they should be vaccinated HOW TO VACCINATE

👉 Contact a doctor near you where you are to help you with this exercise. If you failed to get that service

👉Buy smallpox vaccine

👉Mix the vaccine with its water

👇 Pour the water to dissolve the vaccine into the bottle with the vaccine pill

👉Take a needle and start vaccinating your chicken’s wing area (boneless) Wing web.

👉 If you finish vaccinating and the vaccine is left , do not save it, burn it or throw away the remains.

Look at the picture above to see the chicken vaccination section

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