Toggenburg – The best type of dairy Goat

This is a type of dairy goat that originates from Switzerland in the Obertoggenburg area, this is the seed of the oldest dairy goat of all.


These goats are able to produce an average of two liters of milk per day or more, they do not produce as much milk as Saanen, but their milk has a fat content between 3% – 4%


These goats have an average build but are bigger than local goats, 55 kg for females and 75 kg for males, they are brown (brown) and have two lines on their face with a milky or white color from top to bottom in the nose (like a cheetah) they have big udders and they are also good parents and caretakers, often they can give birth to twins


These goats cannot tolerate hot conditions, but they do well in cold areas . They need enough food to produce a lot of milk, also the food has complete nutrients. Although they can also be grazed in relatively dry areas and can do well (good foragers)


These goats live in groups, if they escape or enter the crop field then they all go and are taught very easily, this leads to the ease of teaching them to be milked by machines.

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