How mushroom cures poultry diseases (new)

Wild mushroom cure for poultry diseases
Chicken is one of the most commonly done projects with different people,
ncluding farmers and pastors, and those who do other activities.

One of the challenges that have been faced with regular talk is the disease that affects chickens, without the breeders aware of what to do.

There are various ways to treat chickens, including natural and non-native. One of the most natural remedies for chicken is by using a famous wild carpet like Aloe Vera. The plant that you have been treating with treating various diseases in humans, animals and birds.

Wild beetle (Aloe) has been used to treat various human and animal diseases. This plant is now used to manufacture soap, human medicine and animal and many other things. Because of many industrial pesticides have failed to cure some diseases because insects have contributed to the resistance, there is a great need for emphasis on natural herbal medicines. The aloe vera plant is able to cure chicken diseases especially in the red blood and in some cases the worm-Newcastle disease.

Studies carried out by this tree to treat red-coccidiosis controversy which have serious consequences for poultry breeders suggest that this tree can be used as an alternative to industrial medicine. The water of this plant has the ability to treat diseases and to cure injuries caused by disease infections and to increase chicken protection by 50 percent against various diseases.

The Aloe Vera plant can be planted near the chickens so as to simplify its accessibility and accept all areas around it.

Wild cheese for chicken growth
When a wild muscle is placed in water it greatly helps the chicken grow rapidly. About 15 milliliters (20 ml) of water-shaped water mixed with five liters of water daily for 90 chickens are able to help grow chicken growth and increase weight compared with those who have not been given.

Wildlife Designing Drinking
The wild (one) can be cut into slices and boiled into a drink of 1 to 3 liters depending on the number of chickens. Sprinkle the pieces in water for several days until you change the water and put it in place. If you are able to filter wild sauce then then use 15 mL in 5 liters of 90 chicken drinks if you have a few chickens then reduce the amount of medicine or add as much.

Chicken like Newcastle Disease should have to make flour. Cut off the clipboard pieces of the green pepper then mix with a little pumpkin, sprout and dip it to get a fine flour.

Boil and then cook well by using the poultry to cook it. Chicken with sores should be thoroughly washed with fresh water and soap with a little salt. After that you cats the dough of dough on those sores.

This natural approach is a very important and important way for chicken care, in a way that reduces the potential for drug use of industrial waste that has a negative impact on consumers and environment.

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