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Causes of infertility

Causes of infertility can be very many. Below some of the more common ones:


Anoestrus is a condition where some cows do not show heat signs for a long time after calving. In this case, no ovulation takes place. The condition can be caused by an infection or inflammation of the uterus and underfeeding of the cow, especially with minerals. 

Anoestrus. Cows in anoestrus show no heat activity, because the process of follicle development does not lead to ovulation. Anoestrus is normal in the post-partum cow, but most dairy cows ovulate for the first time within 50 days of calving.


Anestrus is the major component of postpartum infertility and is affected by several minor factors: season, breed, parity, dystocia, presence of a bull, uterine palpation and carryover effects from the previous pregnancy as well as two major factors: suckling and nutrition.


  • Rectal examination by qualified veterinary to determine the cause. 


  • Proper feeding and mineral supplementation of dairy cows including:
    • Adequate quantity and good quality roughage.
    • Adlibitum mineral supplementation.


  • Treat the underlying cause.
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